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Scott Hensler is a deliverance practitioner (exorcist) and talk show host as well as an author and researcher. Scott has been going outside the box when it comes to subject matters that no one else will touch and bring it to the forefront for public awareness. For twenty years he has been publicly promoting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the realm of deliverance. This biblical venture has also been revealing the hidden truths of the secret society’s true global agenda to enslave mankind. Scott now resides in the Nevada high desert foothills of the Nevada Sierra Mountains leaving his practice (2017) in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho preparing for the war on God’s Saints. Scott knows in reality the spiritual and psychical fight has just begun against the tyranny of those who have chosen evil. Even though he is not currently publicly active as he was before. He is just waiting for the right time to stand up and once again expose and lead against those who are of their father the devil!

Who is Scott Hensler?

Scott is the originator of Scott Hensler Network, LLC.

The picture was taken at Lake Tahoe, California – 2020