New Office Studio and Amateur Radio Station RV.

This is now where I do my shows from. This was a toy-hauler conversion soon to be completely solar-powered. Still in finance, if you wish to contribute to help the payoff. Go to: Portable Studio Donations

All systems are now functioning properly after weeks of construction. My call sign is KF7ZDT and I am licensed as an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator. I am equipped with licensed GMRS, FRS, CB, and other communication radios to ensure emergency preparedness. As well as doing my shows from this radio shack.
This is the desk where I have written “Second Heaven Invasion” and produced all of my shows for the past 13 years.
This station has the ability to transmit at the maximum legal output power of 1500 watts for shortwave radio, globally.
Penny is checking the security monitor to ensure that it has been installed correctly.
Bringing a bit of home to my surroundings.
I frequently utilize a library of technical books generously donated by our listeners. Though they may be considered “oldies,” they are still valuable resources that I find helpful in my work.
Two-way radio and radio monitor antennas. Including shortwave with weather sensor vain monitor
There are plans to add more antennas in the future for expansion purposes.
Ready for relocation if necessary
Here’s a glimpse of the space prior to setting up and installing all the necessary studio and radio equipment.


New Bug-out and Go Emergency Amateur Radio Station Camper for remote broadcasting

Fully solar powered with Fireplace and air conditioning. This was a cargo trailer conversion to a camper completely custom by me from scrap. This contains a full amateur radio station, podcast studio, solar with battery backup and all the amenities. The Toyota FJ is electrically connected to the camper and can control all aspects of the custom function of communications and security.

Solar and Security Controls
Still under construction but able to see the ceiling lights in this photo
A sailboat-specific fireplace being installed.
Full functioning communication control
Please take note of the recent installation of a solar-powered air conditioning unit called a mini-split.
I have a WiFi extender and Starlink internet connection set up amidst solar panels.

The photos displayed depict the cargo trailer in its original state, devoid of any radios, solar panels, or studio equipment. It was nothing more than an empty shell. However, in just a month’s time, we had transformed it into a livable space. This came in handy when we had to evacuate from the Tamarack fire and ended up living there for over a week. Fortunately, I had installed a solar system by then, which powered the air fans that helped us keep cool during the extreme heat. It also allowed us to keep our cell phones charged. By summer’s end, I had completed all the installations, and we took it out for its first camping trip in the fall of 2020. This time, we used the fireplace to keep warm instead of the fans to keep us cool.