Second Heaven Invasion personal encounters post

For those who do not believe demons and fallen angels exist. Or that Christians cannot have demons. Please note the coming second heaven invasion will come upon you so quickly there will be no time to wrap your head around the demonic forces wishing your destruction. So I ask you one question… Just because you do not believe. Are you willing to bet your life and soul on your self-delusion? The spirit realm does exist and there are forces that do not have your best interest in mind both Christian and non-Christian. However, when fully covered in Christ Jesus and your name is written in the Lambs book of life after being baptized and delivered. You will be a worthy adversary against the wilds of the enemy! If you still have open doors, un-repetitive sin and generational curses still operating in your life. The spirit of fear and confusion may overtake you. So start now while you still can to get ready for the second heaven invasion and stand!

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  1. I’m very interested in learning more about the evil forces in this fallen world. I am a Christian and God continues to show me more about the bloodlines of the Nephilim and how that is manifesting itself today. We are getting so close to the end and I want to be prepared. Thanks Scott for the good work you’re doing.

  2. Hello Scott and Trish. I finally have the ability and opportunity to say hello again. The unsecured WIFI signal that I use daily has been entered upon and been made to be blocked from viewing your new page along with a couple other truth tellers also. GEEE, GO FIGURE HUH? I’ve been sending as many people as possible that are seeking the truth to your online ministry while performing a quick vetting process so as not to send enemy infiltrators into your world. I congratulate you on the blossoming of this online endeavor that you have embarked upon, your sight is definitely in the the ”Top 5 most direct and uncompromised” sources on the worldwide web. I’m honored to have met you Scott and Trish and plan to stay in touch with you as able. I remind you that my digital devices are monitored and very often I receive messages that have been altered through a filtering process, which by proxy means that my outgoing messages are surely also made to fit the agenda of the day. Hope this message finds you two lively and spry and just the way I constructed it.😁… God Bless your garden.

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