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09/07/2023 – Now live up and running continues past and present shows – scottsradio.com

09/05/2023 – As of 09/05 in progress Youtube – Live stream 24/7 continues shows

09/01/2023 – Friday show will air on Saturday 09/02/2023

08/25/2023 – Shows resume Wednesday 08/302023

08/25/2023 – 24/7 streaming of all past shows non-stop will be available soon! Go here

05/03/2023MixCloud New! Still in the works…

04/13/2023Patreon Donation NEW!

04/06/2023 – New season show starts today!

09/24/2022 – As of today, I have removed the PayPal donation button. I did this because I will not support or use any product from a company that supports pedophilia! Thank you to those who have supported me over the years.

09/24/2022 – Starting soon I will be back with more shows concerning the events happening as we speak around the world. Thank you for your patience while I completed my projects…

04/29/2022 – Mixlr studio media is down for service – Friday show canceled. Hopefully will resume once the problem is resolved.

04/18/2022 – Deliverance closed – Shows resume schedule.

04/11/2022 – Open for deliverance for one week. Shows on hold till complete.

02/23/2022 – Now on Gab Social Network

02/23/2022 – Videos are now available on – Rumble Video.

02/17/2022 – Early show on Thursday to replace Friday’s show. Back on schedule for 02/25/2022

02/13/2022 – New website link called “Selected Shows” will have favorite selections by Scott Hensler available for your listening and downloading.


01/17/2022 – New Show Start Date: January, 21 – Friday @ 4 pm (GMT-8) Pacific time. Live on Mixlr – Video Commerical for show – Play


01/02/2022 – Join me starting mid-January 2022 for the start of my new show titled “Grumpy Old Exorcist” on Mixlr, Bit Chute, and other media.

Details and official start date to be announced


11/12/2021 – BlogTalk Radio shows for Tin-Foil Hat Club have been deleted.


01/28/2020 – Shows of the week Feb 02, thru Feb 12th, 2020 will be on hold because of traveling.


01/28/2020 – Two shows over the weekend for GDU are now posted on both Bit Chute channels. GDU and SHI


01/28/2020 – Great Deception Unveiled shows are now being posted on Mixlr


01/24/2020 – All shows will resume the week of – 01/27/2020


01/20/2020 – Launching the new website linked exclusively by www.scotthenslernetwork.org. The old link www.scotthensler.org is now redirected to the new website. All old sites and old links now point to the new site. Thus eliminating all old links and all old websites. www.scotthenslernetwork.org is the new main and only website for Scott Hensler’s show.


01/24/2020 – Sorry for no shows in the past weeks. A complete revamping (changing) of web servers and websites has just taken place. This was required to stay in compliance with today’s newer web services and allows increased growth and expansion. The change was demanding of my time not allowing me to answer questions and broadcast new shows. Seven websites and 22 domains were transferred over to a new server under a new web platform done by myself. Now back on schedule! This included the transference of MP3 files and new access to “Second Heaven Invasion” audiobook MP3 files only that is downloadable now exclusively on this site. Go to.


01/20/2020 – The launching of a new Bit Chute channel exclusively for the book “Second Heaven Invasion” is now available in video-book format.


01/24/2020 – A new segment will be added to shows by reading and answering email or regular mail questions on-air read by host Trish, and Scott Hensler will answer these questions on air. First names only or a pseudonym. Scott Hensler reserve the right to select what questions are read and answered on-air.


01/01/2020 – The Youtube account has been canceled. Replaced with Bit Chute.


01/24/2020 – The new show Great Deception Unveiled with host Trish has been launched and will resume the week of – 01/27/2020.


01/22/2020Mixlr MP3 format channel will continue. Spreaker MP3 format channel will be canceled on 01/27/2020. All BlogTalk shows will be turned off. However, they will continue to have access to old shows for the next few months. Suggest if you are interested to download while you still can. BlogTalk SHN or BlogTalk TFHC.


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