Below is the audio player for Mixlr. When the show is live it will play automatically. Or click Grumpy Old Exorcist on the player to go to the main play archive page with chatroom

Scott Hensler Show is on Mixlr


Links to audio media by Scott HenslerPast and present

24/7 streaming of past shows non-stop

Mixlr audio “Grumpy Old Exorcist” formerly (SHN) and (TFHC) MP3

Resent and past shows on Mixlr

CastBox (SHN) – Past shows taken and archived from BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio (SHN) MP3 – Past shows

BlogTalkRadio Second Heaven Invasion – Book chapters

MixCloud (We Proclaim) MP3 – Archive

BlogTalkRadio (WAS) MP3 – Past shows