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Book(s) by Scott Hensler

LOOK! Now available in paperback form by AMAZON – Revised Second Edition! Newly Released Feb 2021 – Original 2014. Second release 2016.

AMAZON Kindle eBook


The book “Second Heaven Invasion” – Introduction first aired 2015

The book “Hoodoo Voodoo” – Introduction – Condensed version of Second Heaven Invasion first aired 2015


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Has the Whole World Gone Mad! C-1

Just Another Day In The Office C-2

Nephilim C-3

Demons C-4

Spirits C-5

Monsters and Creatures C-6

Angels the Sons of God C-7

Paranormal C-8

Occultism C-9

UFO’s C-10

Blood Sacrifices C-11

Kundalini Spirit C-12

Freemasonry and the Illuminati C-13

Exorcisms and Deliverance C-14

Blessings and Curses C-15

Spiritual Warfare C-16

Returning Military Troops Need Deliverance C-18

The Bottomless Pit Called Hell C-19

Dreams and Visions C-20

Nightmares and Night Terrors C-21

Soul Ties Divine or Demonic C-22

Matters of the Heart C-23

The Spiritual Infection of BPD C-24

Chemical Sensitivities the Spiritual Connection C-26

End-Time Events Simplified C-27

Final Chapters Combined Summary C-28, 29, 30

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