From Amateur Radio (HAM) to End-Time events we all need to be prepared!

KF7ZDT Amateur Radio Station

Streaming 24/7 on YouTube GOE shows – Amateur radio worldwide listing of HAM radio operators featuring Scott Hensler – KF7ZDT

The main station pictured above (radio shack) contains full shortwave transceiver(s), VHF-UHF local communication, and full spectrum scanning capabilities including digital. This radio shack also doubles as a studio for the GOE shows that stream from this location 24/7 as well – Click here

The radio shack is contained in a toy hauler for emergency portability if needed and is fully self-sustaining for power, cellphone landline, and Starlink internet.

Grounding and lightning arresters are installed on every antenna connection combined with specialized filtration (surge-suppressor) to help eliminate EMP possibilities.

Analog transceivers and digital mobile radio (DMR) / (C4FM) with Wires-X linked to the world via the internet. Including CB radio abilities with SSB, AM, and the new FM modes of operation for public and local emergency communications. This includes FRS and GMRS public communications all fully licensed and operational.

Old-time monitoring and recording combined with up-to-date audio equalization.

Picture showing the remote control abilities on the computer monitors to control both HF/VHF/UHF and spectrum scanning with Software Defined Radios (SDR.) Pictured on the top right are radios of the past still in working condition available for backup in case of EMP. Also pictured bottom left is the podcast microphone and mixer board with phone-patch guest interview capabilities. This also includes emergency cellphone via radio abilities.

The master controller (white box named “Trish Box”) for all radios is still a work in progress. I am building this controller to assist my wife for ease of operation in case I am not available. Pictured in the center is the main shortwave transceiver (Yaesu FT-901 DM) with other HF transceivers such as the Yaesu FT-891 and backup radio the Alinco DX-SR8.

This master controller will enable one central point of operation including one master microphone for all main radios both VHF/UHF and shortwave.

The master controller pictured above will eliminate the need for all these microphones. However, the microphones will still be connected via a selector switch on the master controller enabling them to be available for immediate use if needed. Thus covering all emergency situations and allowing multiple users at the same time.


Communication Cammaned Camper

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Fully operational communication style command camper is completely solar powered with full living quarters. Toyota FJ is fully loaded with communication gear as well and is electrically connected to the camper for monitoring and controlling emergency lighting for off-road nighttime driving.

Full HF/VHF/UHF/GMRS/CB/SDR both analog and digital as well as full scanning abilities. This includes cellphone landline and Starlink internet.

A dropdown suspended weatherproof patio makes the camper operating weather-friendly. Able to enjoy the outdoors during weather friendly times. Note the red emergency wall phone to the right connected on the cellular landline service.

Remote podcasts / public broadcast capable when needed.

Remote portable communications are always ready with handheld radios. The weather monitor mounted above the handheld radio chargers gives windspeed, wind direction, rain amount, temp, and humidity with barometer predictions.

Full living amenities include a small wood stove designed for sailboats to help keep warm in winter and a mini-split air conditioner to help keep cool in summer. Air conditioner fully solar powered or powered by generator if needed.

Full 360 nighttime illumination for security which includes full security camera observation and recording day and night 24/7.

Roof mounted Starlink internet and local wifi ready.

Roof mounted 600 watts of solar charge.

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Toyota FJ control console for radio operation and remote control of camper. Shown full HF/VHF/UHF/GMRS/CB both analog and digital/C4FM. Also shown is an analog/digital all-band scanner and GPS navigation via a remote computer mounted in a housing rack in the back of the FJ.

Roof rack solar charge assembly for the spare battery to operate radios and computer full time separate from the car battery; but able to charge both the reserve and auto battery.

Roof rack assembly before installation on top of Toyota FJ. Note rails on the side for mounting antennas. Below you can see all the wires and coax cable draped over the seat that comes from this assembly.

Installation of remote computer and radio main frame rack housing. You can see what an undertaking it was to make all this gear fit into the back of the Toyota FJ and not interfere with the cargo space. The picture shows a mini-computer, Kenwood HF radio, and MFJ antenna tuner. Also pictured is the security DVR camera recorder, solar charger, and Yaesu FTM-400 VHF/UHF C4FM transceiver. All are compacted into one package and all are remotely controlled by the console upfront between the driver and the passinger accessible by both.

What the communication camper looked like before the modification of a normal cargo trailer transformed it into living quarters. As well as a fully operational solar-powered emergency communication command trailer. Note the insulation to the right before install.

As you can see the electrical wiring was a challenge to operate all of the solar, radio gear, and utilities before the inside walls were installed.

The floor had to be pulled to install the fresh water, gray water, and black water tanks.

The full build took me all summer long and well into fall. One of the biggest projects I ever took on from beginning to end…

Note the build time included a two-week fire evacuation during the Tamarack fires in July 2021. Pictured is the camper trailer in front of our home just as were being evacuated. The fire took three homes around us; but was stopped by slurry planes and Hot Shots on the ground. I continued the build right after we were allowed back home.

The end result is a camper trailer that can do it all. Enabling both recreational time and emergency living with full local and worldwide communication if necessary.

Bottom line: I would not do this again from scratch. I would obtain a prebuilt fully assembled trailer camper and modify it. One reason for using a cargo trailer however is that it has a full metal roof, unlike the campers of today with wooden rubber roofs. So the microwave radiation has been lowered significantly because of the full metal containment and my measurements of RF radiation are always in the green. But now that I have it and it is finished, I would not trade it for anything else in the world!

Just one more item or tool to help us through the end of days...

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